Sunday Morning Schedule

The Sunday Morning Runs starting at 08:00am are now organised to the following schedule.

Sunday Morning long run – 8.00am start

Sunday in month

Starts from


Chinnor (village centre)


Thame (Racquets)


Chinnor (village centre)


Thame (Racquets)

5 (months where there is a 5th)

(village car park off Hill Road)

There have been some last minute changes to this schedule Рso please make sure that you are included in the email distribution list to receive notification of any changes. Please contact Thame Runners

These are normally cross country routes typically covering distances of 10-12 miles and taking in the region of 1hr 15mins to 1hr 30mins depending on how hilly the route is. We have slowed the pace down to around 8 minute mile so we can accommodate as many runners as possible and we have a policy of never leaving anyone behind (sounds army-like), This means faster runners may have to do extra loops or hill reps on these sessions in order to keep everyone together and training to their needs.

Please note that Sunday training runs do not occur when there is a Club Championship Fixture on the same day. Please note these dates as per the Championship Fixtures.