Club Fixture List

Club Fixtures

This section details all the official Thame Runners scheduled events.

Thame Runners members are a free willed bunch and don’t restrict themselves to running only events from the Club Championships and Cross Country Leagues. The Club Trip to Connemara, The London Marathon, The Ridgeway Relay, The Christian Aid Chinnor Runs and The Snowdon Marathon are amongst the regular favourites. Click here for details of our social diary

Club Championship 2020

Date Event  
12th January Woodcote 10k  
23rd February Wokingham Half  
15th March Goring 10k  
10th April Maidenhead 10M  
8th May 19 Chalgrove 10K  
7th June 19 Chilton Chase 10k  
July TBA  
August  TBA  
September  TBA  
October  TBA  
November  TBA  
December  TBA  

Transfer of Race Numbers

The committee wish to bring to the attention of club members rule 143 S2(iii) and the clubs position in respect of it.
It is not permitted to take part in a race with another runner’s bib number. Rule 143 states ‘Athletes who receive transferred numbers without permission from the race organiser i.e. a formal transfer will be disqualified from the race’. Both runners will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate National Association. In our clubs case the national organisation is England Athletics. The sanctions imposed are usually a 12 month ban from all UKA races not only for the person running but also for the person who gave them their number if they were aware.

This is a serious rule and as a UKA registered club we are obliged to support and reinforce their rules.

The reasons for the rule are:

If a medical emergency occurred there could be potential mix ups. The organisers may get in touch with your emergency contact, leading to panic and/or confusion. They may use your medical notes given at the time of entry, which could have disastrous consequences.

Any race insurance will be void.

It impacts in results not only for the race itself but for Run Britain / Power of Ten rankings / results and this is especially so where the other runner is a different category, gender or capability.

There have been a number of incidents where ladies have been deprived of a first place because they were beaten by young men with women’s numbers.

UKA registered running and athletics clubs are obliged to report these incidences to England Athletics (in our case) as are race organisers.

Club Championship Results

Club Championship Results

Chiltern Cross Country League

Chiltern Cross Country League Official Site 2019/20
Come and take part in this challenging but fun series of 5 races, starting towards the end of the year. The cross country league is hosted across 5 months and 5 venues, with courses being typically 4-5 miles.

We enter a ladies and a mens team, who run in separate races. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, but also one of the few chances that you will get to run as a team as the first few crossing the line score points.

Chiltern Cross Country League Results

News of the Chiltern Cross Country League