Club History

1983 was a time of fantastic national running achievement with the likes of Coe, Ovett & Cram to inspire us. Back then several of our now Veteran runners were heading for the well trodden training routes on the roads and countryside surrounding Thame in brave attempt to mimic their heroes. The attire was plimsoles and cotton vests (no such thing as technology in fabrics back then). So, it didn’t take long before they were bumping into eachother en route, began training together and then coming up with the marvelous idea that all Thame needed to complete this countryside ideal was it’s own breeding ground for supreme athletic acheivement. Hence a club was born (albeit without the supreme achievement).

The club survived well over the years with a few hardened runners making up the core and taking up much of the clubs organisation while the membership gradually grew year on year to where we find ourselves now with around 100 members. Of course everyone will have fond memories of the old days which this section hopes to conjure up in the following articles, but I’m sorry to say that no amount of wizzardry can turn the clocks back to make us more youthful or faster. That said, I am told that there a a number of very good hair restoration products on the market these days which weren’t available back when we were formed and they have worked wonders for some of our members.

But fear not of those heady days, because there is a second Running Boom about us and yes once again it has come to Thame. These are exciting times, because for so many runners, it is less about competitive racing and more about keeping fit, having fun, raising money for charity and experiencing the adrenelin fuelled excitement of mass participation events such as the Flora London Marathon.

While this section fondly remenices on our past (we remember our hair fondly too) we should recognise that Thame Runners has become a club for people of all standards with one common aim in mind “to keep on running”. We only have to look at the record breaking number of people turnnig out for the 2007 CPM Thame 10k to see that grass roots running is thriving even in Thame and with it brings even better propects for the future of the club.

1986 – Run The World Event

Looking back to 1986 “Run the World” will bring back memories of a catchy but annoying number by Tears for Fears based on their earlier hit “Everybody wants to Rule the World”, but with a not too clever change of words. To us runners however it actually meant another excuse to get out and join together with like minded folk in one of the earliest mass participation charity running events. Do you recognise these youthful athletes from Thame?