Club Rules

Last Updated:  December 2015

1.1. The name of the club is Thame Runners.

2. Headquarters

2.1. The headquarters of the club is Racquets Squash and Fitness Centre, North Street, Thame.

3. Objective

3.1. The objective of the club is to promote and maintain interest in running.

4. Club Colours

4.1. The club colours are Blue, Yellow and White.

5. Committee

5.1. The club committee shall consist of 6 members: A Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary and Kit Secretary, all to be elected annually at the AGM.

5.2. The club committee may second further temporary members for special duties at their discretion throughout the year.

5.3. Three committee members shall constitute a quorum, the minimum number of members to conduct the business of the committee.

5.4. The committee has the power to fill any vacancy which may arise prior to the AGM.

6. Membership

6.1. A candidate for membership shall apply in writing on a form provided for that purpose.

7. Renewals and Resignations

7.1. An annual reminder shall be sent to all current members prior to the 31st March, detailing the subscription fee for the forthcoming year, and requesting that they confirm their intention to either renew their membership or resign from the club for the forthcoming year.

7.2. Members who have not renewed their subscriptions by the 1st June shall be deemed resigned.

7.3. The committee reserves the right to reject an application.

8. London Marathon Draw

8.1. Eligibility into the draw for London Marathon Club Places is restricted to first claim Thame Runners who are fully paid up members prior to the 1st June in the same year as the marathon draw will take place and who hold an official rejection letter from the London Marathon ballot.

8.2. The draw for the London Marathon shall happen at the earliest opportunity after rejection letters are published.

8.3. No one shall be eligible for a club place two years in succession.

9. Subscription Fees

9.1. The annual subscription fees are as follows:

9.2. Individual membership £30

9.3. Family membership £48

9.4. Subscription fees will be reviewed annually by the committee and detailed in the subscription reminder letter

10. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

10.1. The club AGM shall be held in the first half of April, to receive committee member reports and financial accounts, to elect committee members for the forthcoming year, and to deal with other matters as notified.

10.2. The Honorary Secretary shall give at least 2 weeks notice of the meeting via the club notice board and/or by email.

10.3. Members wishing to raise matters for discussion at the AGM shall notify the Honorary Secretary according at least 1 week prior to the AGM. Requests received after this time may be included in the agenda at the discretion of the Honorary Secretary.

10.4. The AGM agenda shall include ‘Any Other Business’ (AOB) during which members may raise any matters for discussion.

11. Special General Meeting (SGM)

11.1. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Honorary Secretary within 14 days of receipt of a written request, which shall be signed by at least 10 club members, stating the business to be addressed at that meeting.

12. Committee Meetings

12.1. The club committee shall meet not less than four times each year.

12.2. In the absence of the Chairman, the Honorary Secretary shall chair the committee meeting.

13. Alteration in Rules

13.1. Alterations to these rules shall be detailed and ratified via the Annual General Meeting (or Special General Meeting), except that the club committee may temporarily amend these rules, provided that changes are detailed and ratified at the next AGM or SGM.