Latest Training Sessions

We run a varied set of weekly runs in order to develop runners across a wide range of abilities with structured sessions, trail runs in the local countryside, and regular easy runs around Thame.

All our runs start and finish at Racquets Fitness Centre, and we leave at 7pm sharp and return there by 8pm or so. Any changes to run locations or schedule will be posted on our Facebook page and highlighted in the club members weekly email.

Easy Run – Monday at 7pm, every week

This is an easy/recovery run that consists of a gentle paced run of around 10k (6.2mi) often with a shorter option for newer runners with pauses along the way to allow runners to re-group. The sessions are a great introduction for new members to the club are geared towards slower paced runners.

Interval Runs – Tuesday at 7pm every 2 weeks

Interval runs are focused on helping runners of all abilities improve their running speed which we run over distances from 200m to 1600m with a recovery in between. These are excellent sessions for those who want to improve their running over any distance, and members run in groups of similar ability. We use a 400m track in the summer months and loops in Thame in the winter.

Club Run – Wednesday at 7pm – every week

Our Club Run takes place in the street lit streets around Thame of between 6-7 miles for runners who want to develop their pace and endurance. We use varied routes and loops to make it fun for a wider range of runners and include some hill training too!

Tempo Runs – Thursday at 7pm every 2 weeks

Tempo (or Threshold) Runs are designed to complement Interval Training by building both speed and endurance at your race pace; great for anyone looking to improve their race times and achieve personal bests! On the dark nights we will be running loops in street lit areas of Thame.

Running Circuits – Thursday at 7pm every 2 weeks

Running Circuits are our latest new training session, which focus on short runs mixed with core and lower body exercises that are focused on muscle development that improve running form and enable injury prevention. Designed to be both fun and challenging they are suitable for runners of all abilities who want to improve their strength and fitness both individually and as part of team games.

Long Run – Sunday at 8am every week from various locations

Our Sunday Long Runs are typically 10-11 miles long, and start in Thame, Chinnor or Long Crendon and are usually a mix of road and trail. Locations are provided here and in our weekly newsletter.

Interval, Running Circuits & Tempo Training Dates

Interval RunsRunning CircuitsTempo Runs
Tues 30th OctThurs 1st NovThurs 8th Nov
Tues 13th NovThurs 15th NovThurs 22nd Nov
Tues 27th NovThurs 29th NovThurs 6th Dec
Tues 11th DecThurs 13th DecThurs 20th Dec