Round 5 – Wing

Round 5 – Wing



It was a three horse race for the XC title going into the final round at Wing this year with Rod Lavers holding a narrow lead over Richard Slater and Jon Hiscock.  It was to be Jon’s to celebrate though, as in blistering form he finished some 32 places ahead of the other pair over turning the lead they once held.  This seasons second place went to Rod, despite Richards efforts to keep ahead of him in the final stages of this the last race at Wing.  Those valiant efforts were simply not enoguh to overturn the gap Rod had acrued in earlier races.

Amazingly Jon’s brilliant form saw him come third in the second division, which I would wager is the highest finishing position for a Thame Runner since the league began. 

Can anyone veryify that, by the way?


Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 May 2008 )


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