Round 3 – Stockwood Park, Luton

Round 3 – Stockwood Park, Luton



Held at Luton (Stockwood Park) on 01 December 2007. 

Not long after the junior races had finished the clouds began to blacken and just as the ladies lined up for thier race, down came a torrent of hailstones, thunder and lightening.  With red and stinging skin all the ladies ran to take cover like pigeons with a cat amongst them and meanwhile in the safe sanctuary of the blue dome, the men were holding on to the poles and lines which tied it down as the wind tried to pick it up.  The joys of Cross Country eh? and that before the start !!

Once the storm had subsided, but still to a barrage of wind and rain, the ladies team of Barbara and Jo were first to brave the conditions.  They faired very well and happy to be back in the tent, caked head to foot in mud they were a clear warning sign of impending doom for the men who were about to go out.  But not to worry, there was nothing a couple of beers and a plate of chips in the pub couldn’t put right afterwards.

 Well done to everyone who took part.


           Position  Name              Time             Points
                 4  Jon Hiscox              38.15                79
                20  Andy Byerley              41:43                63


 Rod Lavers              44:48                42
                47  Pete White              46:00                36
                48  Mark Emmett              46:09                35
                55  Darren Readman              48:49                28
                66  Steve Graham              52:23                17



           Position  Name              Time             Points
               18  Barbara Orth              27:29                23
               37  Jo Rogers              31:55                  4


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