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CPM Thame 10k 2016

Posted by Rod Lavers – Friday 1st July.

Please accept our apologies for the temporary closure of our website. The “crash” occurred due to some unprecedented traffic to the site which exceeded our band width. This has now been extended so we’re back in business.

Thame10K_2016 Results

Summary of results.

Senior Men 

1st     Paul Fernandez                   Abingdon A.C.                    33.36

2nd    Simon Beedell                     Woodford Green A.C.         33.45

3rd     James Bolton                      Woodstock Harriers A.C.    33.47

Senior Ladies

1st     Jessica Webb                      Woodstock Harriers A.C.    36.29

2nd    Louise Durman                    Chiltern Harriers                 37.58

3rd     Sophie Delderfield               Vale of Aylesbury A.C.       38.05


1st     Julian Richardson                Oxford City A.C.                 34.15


1st     Tony Lock                             Witney Roadrunners         37.51


1st     Roy Treadwell                       Oxford City A.C.                41.15


1st     Rachel Shaw                         Headington Roadrunners  42.08


1st     Lucy Harris                             Witney Roadrunners        44.49


1st     Kate Williamson                     Eynsham Roadrunners    48.01

Mens Team                                      Headington Roadrunners

Dan George                                     35.29        (7th)

Nathan Blunden                               36.25        (11th)

Michael Pearce                                36.58        (14th)

Kenny Lowes                                   38.14        (28th)

Ladies Team                                    Headington Roadrunners

Rachel Shaw                                   42.08        (87th)

Charlotte Richer                              42.52        (105th)

Zuzanna Pearce                              44.19        (140th)

Madeleine Ding                                44.34       (147th)

Corporate Team                               GULP

James Sherriff                                  42.04      (85th)

Robin Skilling                                    42.17     (89th)

Jason Cunningham                           43.55     (126th)

Claire Perry                                       46.02     (177th)

Male Junior

1st     Patrick Haynes                        37.56     (24th)       University of Portsmouth

Female Junior 

1st     Millie Barrow                            56.11     (468th)    Unattached

Thame Male Resident

1st     Luke Ricketts                           37.47     (22nd)    Unattached

Thame Female Resident

1st     Faye Sharpley                          40.01    (53rd)     Thame Runners

The Thame 10k. race committee sincerely hope that you enjoyed your morning with us last Sunday and the late changes with car parking and the revised orientation of the race start and finish didn’t cause too much inconvenience? I think it was clear to see the reason behind these changes as the field was still quite soggy in places following over a week of heavy and continuous rain in the area. The waterlogged area just 50 metres after the start certainly caught a few people by surprise, prompting some runners to shout out that it was “just like running cross-country.”

At least the weather behaved itself on the day and this allowed a large number of people to take advantage of the barbecue outside the “Café Talk” facility. Maybe next year we will also have some warm sunshine?

Best regards,

Rod Lavers,

Race Secretary CPM Thame 10k. Road Race 2016.

Some pics from the day.

thame 10k 2016 2 thame 10k 2016 3 thame 10k 2016 4 thame 10k 2016 5 thame 10k 2016 6 thame 10k 2016 7 thame 10k 2016 8

thame 10k 2016 9 thame 10k 2016 11 thame 10k 2016 10 thame 10k 2016 13 thame 10k 2016 12 thame 10k 2016 14 thame 10k 2016 15

and one from 2015 from the “old” start!



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