Chiltern Cross Country League

Chiltern Cross Country League



We started our 16th cross country season in the Chiltern League on October 8th at Luton, Wigmore Valley, marking the start of a series of 5 races around the district. The final race culminating a fantastic season for Thame Runners, with more new faces representing the club this year than ever before. The 5 events spanning the Autumn and Winter months, brought together some of the best clubs in the region and the finale at Wing on 11th February was a barnstorming performance from Thame.

Richard Slater and Hayley Parry were our team captains again this year with entry to all five Chiltern Cross Country events is paid for by the club, open to every member of Thame Runners. 

There really is no minimum standard required to take part, so please do feel welcome to join next year.  If you wish to partake this year and we will organise your race numbers and keep you informed of lift sharing and other arrangements.

Keep your eye on the Chiltern Cross Country Official Website for details of next season and please contact Richard Slater or new ladies captain Jane Coulcher or email us to declare your interest using our contact email address.
The following pages of the Thame Runners Website contain historical match results and standings for all our competing members and results of the current season.  Here in brief summary:

Season              Division              Team Position         Ladies Club Winner           Mens Club Winner

2011-12             2                          5th                              Jane Coulcher                      Andrew Byerley
2010-11             2                          4th                              Jane Coulcher                      Andrew Byerley
2009-10             2                          5th                              Christine Murray                   Andrew Byerley
2008-09             2                          6th                              Barbara Orth                         Andrew Byerley
2007-08             2                          9th                              Barbara Orth                         Jon Hiscock
2006-07             2                          5th                              Barbara Orth                         Andrew Byerley
2005-06             2                          5th                              Barbara Orth                         Lars Orth
2004-05             2                          3rd                              Barbara Orth                         Diarmuid MacDougall
2003-04             2                          6th                              Barbara Orth                         Diarmuid MacDougall
2002-03             2                          9th                              Nikki Hayward                      Rod Lavers
2001-02             2                          8th                              Nikki Hayward                      Mark Emmett
2000-01             2                          8th                              Nikki Hayward                      Neil Richards
1999-2000                                                                                                                        Peter Young
1998-99                                                                                                                             Michael Holopainen
1997-98                                                                                                                             Graham Turner
1996-97                                                                                                                             Mark Emmett

It all goes to show that as a club we can be competitive against some of the best in our district and that we are regularly Division 2 promotion contenders.

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