Club Handicap 2015

Posted on 26th July 2015 by Rick Smith Full details of the Thame Runners Club Handicap 2015 are here: Club Handicap results 2015 Congratulations to Shelley Bennett

About Shelley

I have been a member of Thame Runners since 2000 but ran before that in Caterham in Surrey. I like to keep challenging myself so have done all sorts of things from the grim challenge to Ultra Marathons. Looking forward to the annual dinner and some, actually lots of nights with bubbles and beer. The…

Mince Pie Burner in pictures

Posted: 30th Dec 2014 Facebook pictures from Howard’s legendary “Mince Pie Burner” which took place in nearby Watlington on Sunday 28th December. Click here for pictures on the ‘Facebook News’ page.  

About Ben

Ben Bennett, Chairman After much moaning, I finally got the running bug in 2012, having previously either supported and/or watched my wife enjoy the sport for many years. The friendliness of the club is so apparent and although small compared to many others, we have a great balance of members, with enjoyment being the most…