AGM 2009

AGM 2009



Thame Runners Minutes of Annual General Meeting, held at Thame Barns Centre

Wed 22nd April 2009

Present: Rod Lavers, Steph Cook, Pete White, Patsy Baker, Carlton Hobbs, Arthur Airey, Richard Slater, Andy Byerley, Mark Emmett, Reg Koster, Reg Gale, Jan Laver, Roger Simmonds, Dieter Orth, Barbara Orth, John Lacey, Darren Readman, Graham Turner, Anne Sprinz, Debbie Misseldine, Sue Fallon, Gavin Soutar, Alison Croughton, Hayley Parry, Kelly Dennington-Holdrick, Ken Dennington-Holdrick.

Apologies: Howard Papworth, Lars Orth, Caroline Goodman, Andy & Olive Patchett

Minutes of the 2008 AGM: No comments. (Copies of minutes circulated to AGM attendees, and were also previously published on the Thame Runners web-site


Chairman’s Report:

Rod thanked everyone for attending the AGM. Rod reported that the 25th Anniversary Dinner/Dance at the Oxfordshire Golf Club in May had gone extremely well, and was enjoyed by all those who were able to attend. He thanked Arthur Airey and Reg Koster for all their hard work arranging the event. He also mentioned the more recent Thame Runners Club dinner which was held at The Swan p/h in Thame, and thanked Pete White for organising this event.

Thame Runners did very well in the Ridgeway Relay in June. The A team were placed 5th, and the B Team 24th, out of 36/37 teams.  Rod thanked Andy Byerley for arranging the former, and Andy & Olive the latter.

The Club Championship did not attract so many competitors this year, but there were some notable results, and Rod congratulated the following: Arthur Airey – the Club’s ‘most mature’ winner of Division 1. Jo Rogers – Division 2 winner, and overall Club Champion, Keely Byerley – Winner of Division 3.

The Cross Country was well attended this year – thanks to the sterling efforts of Andy Byerley. Thame Runners were placed 6th overall, compared to 9th the previous year.

The 2008 Thame 10k was a great success, as always, with a further increase in numbers. The chip timing greatly assisted the overall efficiency and success of the event, and will be in place again this year. Rod thanked the Thame 10k Committee for their hard work organising this event.

The first SWET run of 2009 will be held on Wed 6th May, from The Pink Lily.

Club Secretary’s Report:

Steph reported that the club was awarded two club places in the 2009 London Marathon, for which Bev Mauger and Andy Byerley’s names were pulled out the hat, and wished those Thame Runners running this year’s race good luck.

Treasurer’s Report

Dieter circulated the financial spreadsheet, and provided an update on the Club’s accounts on behalf of Lars. He informed the meeting that funds were healthy and stable. Kit sales were up, thanks to Arthur Airey who has worked hard to sell off the old stocks. Payment to England Athletics went up from £170 to £345.

Rod passed on his thanks to Lars for his work as Club Treasurer.

Kit Secretary’s Report:

Arthur reported that he has depleted all of the old stocks, apart from approx half a dozen of the current running vests (mostly small sizes). He has been doing some research with Bodyline Sports to design some new running kit. (Vests and shorts). Prices should work out as approximately £15.00 for shorts, and £14.00 for vests, which is cheaper than the latest version. Arthur has to send off a minimum order of 20 of each, which he hopes to do within the next two weeks or so, and will order more as required. Members will need to buy/pay for these before he can order more.

Membership Secretary:

Steve was unable to attend the meeting. Rod reminded those present that membership renewal is now due

Election of Committee Members

Chairman: Rod has chosen to stand down from the position of Club Chairman. Andy Byerley was proposed as the new Chairman by Arthur Airey, seconded by Dieter Orth, and he agreed to take on the role.

Secretary: Steph Cook was re-proposed by Mark Emmet, seconded by Reg Koster, and agreed to stand for another year.

Treasurer: Lars Orth was re-proposed by Andy Byerley, and seconded by Pete White.

Membership Secretary: Steve Graham was re-proposed by Mark Emmet and seconded by Graham Turner.

Kit Secretary: Arthur Airey was re-proposed by Dieter Orth, seconded by Roger Simmonds, and agreed to stand for another year.

Social Secretary: Pete White chose to stand down from the position of Social Secretary. Kelly Dennington-Holdrick was proposed as the new Social Secretary by Arthur Airey and seconded by Reg Koster. Kelly agreed to take on the role, supported by the following: John Lacey – proposed by Kelly D.H, seconded by Anne Sprinz. Alison Croughton – proposed by Pete White, seconded by Ken Dennington-Holdrick, Pete White – proposed by Arthur Airey, seconded by Kelly Dennington-Holdrick. 

It was acknowledged that the role of Social Secretary can be quite challenging, and there was an overall consensus that he/she would benefit from some additional support and assistance, and that to have more committee members would be an improvement generally.

Arthur Airey thanked Rod for his contribution to Thame Runners as Chairman for the past three years, on behalf of the club.


Mark Emmett: reported that he had had feedback from a would-be member of Thame Runners to the effect that the Club were not very welcoming of new runners and/or beginners who might not be able to keep up with the rest of the group(s). It was agreed that club members should all make more of an effort to welcome/look after new runners, and that the Committee should endeavour to resolve this issue more formally.

Thame 10 BBQ: It was agreed that the Thame Runners annual Thame 10k barbecue was a popular event, and would start at 1500hrs on the afternoon of the race. Barbara & Dieter kindly agreed to provide their garden again for the event.

Communications: The Thame Runners web-site is an important means of communication, and details of SWET runs should be included. There was some discussion about the Thame Runners notice board, which has been subject of a recent makeover. It was agreed that the website is a better means of communication, especially as runners no longer assemble near the notice board.

Runner Beginners:  Patsy told those present about a group that she and some other members of Thame Runners have set up on Monday morning called Running Buddies. They set out from Thame Leisure Centre at 1015hrs on Monday mornings, and the focus is on supporting runner beginners.

ARC:  There was further discussion regarding affiliation, and whether ARC (Assoc of Running Clubs) was actually a preferable option to England Athletics. Significantly fewer clubs have actually registered with ARC, albeit their affiliation fees are actually less expensive than England Athletics, and ARC claims to be supportive of those clubs who do not have an athletics focus, such as Thame Runners. Steve Graham had volunteered to research the potential benefits of ARC, but unfortunately was not present at the meeting. There was some discussion about giving club members the chance to vote between the two, before a final decision was made regarding affiliation. It was agreed that this issue should be further discussed/researched by the Committee.

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