AGM 2008

AGM 2008



Thame Runners Minutes of Annual General Meeting, held at Thame Barns Centre

Wed 2nd April 2008

Present: Rod Lavers, Lars Orth, Steph Cook, Pete White, Steve Graham, Carol Ann Plater, Patsy Baker, Carlton Hobbs, Arthur Airey, Ben Marchant, Richard Slater, Andy Byerley, Mark Emmett, Reg Koster, Reg Gale, Jan Laver, Roger Simmonds,  Dieter Orth, Barbara Orth,

Apologies: Olive and Andy Patchett, Caroline Goodman, Brian Plater, Simon Millington,

Minutes of the 2007 AGM – No comments. (Copies of minutes circulated to AGM attendees, and were also previously published on the Thame Runners web-site).

Chairman’s Report:

Rod thanked everyone for attending the AGM. He reported that 2007 had been quite a quiet year for Thame Runners; perhaps due to the fact that we are saving ourselves for 2008, our 25th anniversary year, and hopes that there will be a better turn out at races this season.

Club Championship – The winners were Andy Byerley, in Division 1, Darren Readman in Division 2, and Steph Cook in the Ladies Division. Rod explained the new set-up for 2008, whereby there are now 3 (potentially mixed) Divisions, the second including last season’s top three ladies, and the third an amalgamation of those at the bottom of Division 2, and the remainder of the championship entrants.

Ridgeway Relay ndash; The A team finished in the top 10, yet again, and the B team finished quite well up, in spite of some initial difficulties in getting sufficient numbers for a second team.

Cross Country – The attendance overall was quite disappointing this year, and Thame Runners finished in only 9th position. Rod hopes that more club members will be inspired to take part in this year’s competition. He made particular mention of Barbara Orth and Jo Rogers, both of whom attended all five events

10k Race – This was a great success, as always, with a further increase in numbers. Reg Koster will provide an update on the 2008 race later in the meeting.

London Marathon – Good luck to all those Thame Runners competing in this year’s race on 13th April, namely; Andy Byerley, John Hiscock, Gavin Soutar, Barbara Orth, Steph Cook, Darren Readman (club place), Duncan Marsh (club place), Andy Gray and Roger Simmonds

Membership Secretary:

Steve reported that at the end of the year (2007/2008) the club had 87 members, which was similar to 2006/07.

He welcomed the following new members to the club.Alison Croughton, Daniel Cuell, Kelly Dennington-Holdrick, Ken,Dennington-Holdrick, Chris,Hawken, Carlton,Hobbs, Michelle Holland, Mia Lewis, Ben Marchant, Bev Mauger, Nick Mauger, Julian Millo, J P Wentzel 


Steve said that Patsy has been working hard, encouraging new members to join, and taking them under her wing generally.

The subscription will remain the same for the time being, £15.00 for individual members, and £25.00 for a family membership. We may need to raise this in due course, and possibly consider two-tier membership, for competing/non-competing members.

Approximately 35 members have paid their renewal for this year’s membership.


There was further discussion regarding affiliation, and whether England Athletics was actually a preferable option to ARC (Assoc of Running Clubs). Very few clubs have actually registered with ARC, albeit their affiliation fees are actually less expensive than Eng Athletics, and ARC claims to be supportive of those clubs who do not have an athletics focus, such as Thame Runners. Steve volunteered to make some further enquiries regarding this later in the year.




Lars circulated a summary of the club accounts, and explained that there were no major changes or updates to report.


Club Championship 2008 

Dieter explained that this year’s championship had been adjusted, and now includes less A & B options, in order to reduce opportunities for the stronger runners not to compete against one another, thus scoring maximum points with too little effort. Not many club members have actually entered the races held thus far this year.


As we do not know the exact dates of some of the races later in the year, it was agreed that there could be some flexibility regarding which races will be selected, to avoid clashes with cross country fixtures, for example.


Dieter feels there should be a wider selection of race distances in next year’s competition.


There was also discussion regarding whether choosing local races was more popular, and it was agreed that although it was good to have the opportunity to enter the odd race further afield, these could be linked up as an A/B alternative for a more local one.



The club extended their thanks to Dieter, Andy Byerley and John Hiscock, for setting up and maintaining/updating the new Thame Runners web-site.

Election of Committee Members

The posts of Chairman (Rod Lavers), Club Secretary (Steph Cook), Membership Secretary (Steve Graham) and Social Secretary (Pete White) were unchallenged, and will thus remain unchanged. (Proposed by Arthur Airey and seconded by Richard Slater).

Simon Millington has asked to resign from the Kit Secretary post. Arthur Airey volunteered to take on this role, and was seconded by Mark Emmett.


Reg Koster gave an update re the 2008 race. The route has been altered slightly, and will now incorporate the new section of the Phoenix Trail, instead of finishing up the hill. The route is due to be re-measured shortly, and the race will have a gun start and a chip finish this year. There is a five minute road closure now in play at the start, and the same closure of the ring road as last year, which makes it much easier and safer for the marshals.

Patsy will arrange a meeting between staff at TLC and the 10k Race Committee, in order to sort out some of the logistics.

25th Anniversary Dinner – Sat 17th May. 

We have close to 8 tables of 10 all paid up, but there is still space for more. The venue has asked for us to provide a nominal seating plan by 5th May.


NB – the actual date is Sat 17th May, not 25th, and the web-site will be amended accordingly.


Ridgeway Relay 

Andy Byerley volunteered to captain the A Team. It is believed that Andy and Olive Patchett have agreed to captain the B Team.


25th Anniversary kit 

Rod said that he would like to get some specially designed kit to celebrate Thame Runners’ 25th anniversary, with appropriate logos, etc. Clearly this will be dependent on the take up from club members, but it would be nice to have some commemorative clothing, e.g. t-shirts, sweat-shirts;


He also suggested that we have a club photo taken, one evening in the summer, outside the Thame Leisure Centre. Again this will be dependant on the take up of club members.


Ten-pin Bowling 

Rod suggested arranging a 10-pin bowling evening at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford. We could book a number of lanes, according to how many members were interested in taking part.



Having sent a group over to take part in our Thame 10k, Montesson (France) have invited Thame Runners to join them for their Epinoche Cross 6/7 mile cross country race on Sunday 16th November 2008. It was suggested that we could travel across via the Channel Tunnel on the Saturday, and travel back on the Monday. Can members please ensure they let Pete White know if they are interested in going?


Bulletin Board 

Andy B and Dieter will look at possible ways of including some form of bulletin board facility on the Thame Runners web-site, to enable club members to post messages/updates.


SWET Runs  (Summer Wednesday evening training) 

These are due to start soon, now that the clocks have gone forward. For new members, SWET runs are held every other Wednesday, and basically involve setting off on a run (often off road) from one of a variety of local pubs, enabling us to enjoy a number of new/different routes, followed by some food/drink in the pub afterwards. Pete will arrange a fixture list, as per last year, so people can put their names down if they wish to arrange a run during a particular week.

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