AGM 2007

AGM 2007




Thame Runners

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, held at Thame Barns Centre, Wed 4th April 2007.


Present: Rod Lavers, Sue Fallon, Carol Ann Plater, Patsy Baker, Shelley Bennett, Pete White, Howard Papworth, Andy Byerly, Mark Emmett, Reg Koster, Lars Orth, Steph Cook, Neil Richards, Graham Turner, Reg Gale, Jan Laver, Roger Simmonds, Anne Sprinz, Dieter Orth, Barbara Orth, Alethea Martin, Dave Flower, Simon Millington, Jon Hiscock, Gavin Soutar, Debbie Misseldine;


Apologies: Marie Pennell, Steve Graham, Caroline Goodman, Brian Plater, Mel Law, Nick Sawyer;


Minutes of the 2006 AGM – No comments. (Copies of minutes circulated to AGM attendees, and were also previously published on the Thame Runners web-site.




Chairman: This is Rod’s first AGM as Chairman, and he wished to highlight that this has been another good year for the club. The Club Championship has undergone something of a re-vamp, and now includes a number of new venues.

Dieter has done an excellent job on the web-site, and Rod acknowledged his efforts on behalf of the club.

Thame Runners achieved 5th place in the Cross Country Chiltern League, and our commiserations go to Barbara Orth, who was unlucky not to win first place in the 45+ category, as a result of losing her shoe. Well done all the same!

10th March saw a small but triumphant Annual Club Dinner. The meal was excellent, and the evening enjoyed by all present.

Club membership has hovered around the 100 mark for the past year. In spite of some extra curricula race challenges, the Club has battled on, and is doing well.

Members are asked to support the club as much as possible, especially marshalling at the Thame 10K, and in our various social activities. All plans are made with the wishes of the majority uppermost in the minds of both the Club and 10K committees.

Rod mentioned the sad loss of Matthew Whitmore as Social Secretary, who felt his enthusiasm was not matched by that of the club generally.

As a result of e-mails not seeming to reach all club members, it has been decided that we shall resume a certain amount of paper correspondence, especially for membership renewals, and invites to the Club Annual Dinner.

2008 will be the 25th Anniversary of Thame Runners, and all club members are asked to help make this an extra special celebration.


Secretary: London Marathon Draw – This year we were allocated two places, and first names out of the hat were those of Andy Byerly and Derek Van Ne-Kerk. Sarah Simmonds was third, as our club reserve.


Membership Secretary: Steve Graham has sent his apologies, but says that membership renewals are trickling in gradually, and will report in more detail on his questionnaire once all replies have been received.


Treasurer: Lars circulated a summary of the club accounts – attached.


Club Championship – Rod reiterated the success of the 2006 Club Championship, as detailed at the Annual Dinner.


Election of Committee Members


Chairman: Rod Lavers agreed to stand for a further year, and was re-proposed by Pete White, and seconded by Lars Orth.


Secretary: Steph Cook agreed to stand for another year, and was re-proposed by Carol Plater, and seconded by Howard Papworth.


Social Secretary: Pete White was proposed by Mark Emmet, seconded by Lars Orth, and was delighted to accept the post.


Membership Secretary: Steve Graham has agreed to stand for another year, and was re-proposed by Reg Koster, and seconded by Andy Byerly.


Treasurer: Lars Orth has agreed to stand for another year, and was re-proposed by Mark Emmett, and seconded by Steph Cook.


Kit Secretary: Simon Millington was proposed by Rod Lavers, seconded by Steph Cook, and was delighted to accept the post.


NB – It was acknowledged by all that Sue Fallon had done an excellent job as our former Kit Secretary, but has been forced to give up running following a back injury/operation. Thank you, and best wishes from us all.



Items for Discussion


  1. Obligatory rise in club subscriptions, due to new affiliation with either England Athletics or Association of Running Clubs.


Steph Cook explained that there had been a change in the method of affiliation for running clubs, and introduced a discussion about the relative benefits of the two options – England Athletics or ARC.


Affiliation to the latter is much cheaper, but some of the advice available is weighed heavily in favour of England Athletics, which would appear to be a more powerful and officially recognised body.


ARC is tempting, and advice on its web-site suggests that ‘for clubs looking for appropriate insurance and less bureaucracy, it would seem to be the best solution’ but goes on to say ‘providing members are not particularly bothered about competing in events within the UKA/EA system’ (which includes the Flora London Marathon).

In such events their athletes are likely to be regarded as unattached and could be subject to the usual surcharge on entry fees. (currently £2).

The Thame 10k committee members present voiced their concerns ref the Thame 10k Race insurance, and asked whether England Athletics might be the safer option in this respect.


It was agreed that the Club should seek to postpone a final decision pending some further research, and contact with other clubs.



  1. Volunteer required to manage the Thame Runners e-mail address on the web-site.


Jon Hiscock kindly volunteered to take on this task.


  1. SWET runs


Volunteers are currently invited to select dates for particular runs. Marie Pennell has offered to host a run at Cadsden. Confirmation of dates/runs to follow.


  1. Thame 10K


Reg Koster gave an update regarding the arrangements for the annual race. The County Council are going ahead with the club’s proposal for road closure by order, which should ensure the race is safer and easier to marshal.


The cost of the road closure will be £700, and we shall also have to pay for two adverts in the Thame Gazette, and signage, but it is anticipated the overall cost will be less than the £1.5K budgeted for, and an increase of only £1 for entries will assist with a large portion of this.


Unfortunately there are some issues regarding the large quantities of earth being excavated from the dry play area at Thame Leisure Centre, which might necessitate some alterations to the usual arrangements. (Location of start/finish; car-parking; the ability to hold the Kid’s Fun Run). This will be further considered as necessary.


The Thame 10K will contribute £1000 towards the Club’s 25th anniversary celebration.


Reg made a plea for as many club members as possible to help with marshalling. We all enjoy races, and it is important to do our bit in return, for no more than just one day in the year.


It was agreed that some form of advance briefing/input would be provided for all marshals, explaining what is required of them, and ensuring they know exactly what to do on the day.




Patsy Baker voiced her concern that the Club was not perceived as being friendly towards new/first time club runners, and it was agreed that we have a collective responsibility to welcome newcomers, and ensure they are looked after.


Club Championship

Dieter provided info ref the new scoring for the club championship. I got a bit lost at this point, so he has kindly clarified, as follows:


  1. Club Champion

The club championship runs for the full twelve months of a calendar year and consists of 12 events of varying distances and disciplines. These are spread as evenly as possible so that there is usually one event per month. We have Division 1 and Division 2 for men, and a separate Ladies Division. The winner of each division is determined by the highest number of points scored, and the overall club championship is won by the athlete who has the highest overall total score.

In the club championship there are 5K and 10K races, half marathons, 5 and 10-milers, plus the club handicap and challenge events. To win the title the victor must compete in at least one of either 5K or 10K or 5-miler, one 10-miler, one half marathon and one of either the challenges or the club handicap so that the resulting champion is a true specialist of all the distances.

  1. Scoring

In every single race the first to finish from each division will get 10 race points, the second 9 race points, and so on. No athlete is obliged to take part in all twelve events as only the best eight performances will count in the final reckoning. This facilitates the obvious breaks in the year for everyone when they are either on holiday or other family commitments take precedence, as well as the incidence of illness or injury. In addition, some events give the choice between 2 races (runner’s choice), but only the race where the runner achieved more race points will count towards the club championship.

  1. Club Personal Best

A few years ago a bonus points system was introduced, which provides an incentive to everyone, but especially to those who are not always at the sharp end of the finishing order. The bonus points are added for club personal bests (C.B.) over that particular distance, i.e. the fastest time someone achieved in a club championship race. 5 points are awarded for achieving a C.B. but maximal once a year per distance. The distances where one can earn these bonus points are 5K, 10K, 5M, 10M, Half Marathon and the Club Handicap (Moreton Double Loop). These bonus points can make a significant difference and have a “levelling up” effect for all those taking part. The Championship Targets table sets out all current target times for this year’s championship and the year and location at which they were achieved.

As none of us can prevent the effects of Anno Domini (even though some of us make a noble effort) it was decided that the C.B. is always the best club championship race result from the preceding 3 years. This means for the club championship in 2005 the C.B. for a particular distance is the best race time achieved over that distance in a club championship race during 2002, 2003, 2004, or 2005 as the years advances.

Anyone new to the championship must set their C.B.’s in a championship race before claiming any bonus points. The same rule applies if an athlete did not compete during the last 3 years over a distance in a club championship race.

The C.B.’s are calculated on club championship events only. If Joe Jogger produced a mind boggling run of 34 minutes in the Clegg’s Brewery Bowel Buster 10km at Much Moaning By The Sea, this would not be to the detriment of his club championship aspirations.

  1. Bonus Points

The bonus points for C.B.’s count separately to race points. If someone achieved a C.B. in the first race of the year these 5 bonus points are save to count for the club championship even if he/she achieved 8 better race results and the race points of the first race would be dropped.
Equally, if someone managed a C.B. in a month with a runner’s choice but got more race points in the second race, the higher number of race points will count in addition to the 5 bonus points for the C.B. Let me give an example: Joe Jogger got 6 race points in the Bearbrook 10K and managed to run his first 10K C.B. of the year. If this was a runner’s choice month and Joe got 8 race points for the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon he had secured 8 race points and 5 bonus points towards the club championship.

Every runner, who competed in at least 8 events, will receive another 5 bonus points to encourage participation in club championship races.

  1. Tie Breaker

If there is a tie between 2 runners we will apply the following tie-breakers in this order:
(a) higher number of bonus points (to favour the more improved runner);
(b) higher number of club championship races (to encourage participation in club championship races);
(c) higher score in single races (i.e. 10-10-9-9-8-8-8-8 is better than 10-9-9-9-9-8-8-8);
(d) the result of the Club Handicap.

Thame Runners

Treasurer’s Report – 2006/2007



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