Thame Runners

A Word of Welcome

Welcome to the website of Thame Runners; which is intended to tell you about the club and encourage you to come along and join us on a run very soon.  We are a small and dynamic club, with around 100 members, who meet three times every week in good weather and bad.

The nature of our club is that all members value the companionship of running with like-minded individuals in a friendly environment as much as competing to do our best in competition;   appreciating that whilst it is running that unites us all, it is also the friendly and inclusive atmosphere that keeps us together.

We run around the well lit streets of Thame through the winter months on both Mondays and Wednesdays.  Once British Summer Time arrives, we take to the local countryside.  On Mondays we run from our Thame headquarters at Racquets Fitness Centre, into the immediate countryside; on Wednesdays we meet to run from a series of local pubs within the catchment area of most of our members, taking  the opportunity to socialise afterwards.  Members take it in turn to organise these runs, so we have the chance to experience many different types of environment and terrain.  We have longer, slower runs on Sunday mornings for those who are training for half and full marathons, as well as those who simply want a longer, slower run.

We try to cater for the differing needs of our members, with speed training sessions mixed with middle distance and marathon training.  We have members who focus on short track races, and some who live for marathons and ultras, with a range of abilities from national and county standard to those whose running is exclusively in order to keep fit and run with friends.  All of the above intermingled with a number of social events, both formal and informal.

Please feel free to turn up at the Racquets Fitness Centre in Thame’s Old Cattle market at 7pm on a Monday or Wednesday evening and enjoy a run in our company.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Ben, Chairman, Thame Runners.